A Little About Me

I qualified as a midwife in 1988 and have worked for many different maternity hospitals across England.

I am blessed with 4 children, one of whom was born at home.

In 2011 I began work as a Community Midwife, based at Oundle and Wansford GP Surgeries, fulfilling this role for four and a half years.

During this time I led antenatal classes; this began a journey where my passion and knowledge started to grow in to how best to equip and meet the needs of expectant parents.

Since my role as a Community Midwife I have worked on Midwife Led Birth Centres at two different hospitals and I continue to work as a midwife within the NHS.

I strongly believe that each pregnancy, labour, birth and journey into parenthood should be a positive, calm, confident and life-enhancing season.

My goal is to stand beside you and give you helpful and empowering information and ‘tools’, which will be a foundation as your unique journey unfolds.

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