After many years as a midwife supporting women to birth their babies I am aware that some labours become difficult for a whole variety of reasons. There are three main root causes; a medicalised environment, fear and biomechanics.

I am looking forward to undertaking a course next week related to assisting women where biomechanical issues cause problems for the woman and her baby. This is where the woman’s ligaments and muscles connecting to the pelvis are no longer in balance. Imagine a tent put up with one of the guy ropes tighter and shorter than the other side; the area inside the tent would be ‘wonky’ and restricted on one side and you would have to enter the tent at an angle. This is how some babies have to navigate restricted space available to them!

However, excitedly there are a number of things women can do to optimise the space available within the womb and pelvis – both during pregnancy and the birth process itself. Alongside this, midwives, birth partners and doulas can also use simple techniques to ‘unstick’ the baby and increase the available space for the baby to navigate the pelvis and birth.

I am excited to continue to learn and to expand the support that I can give to women and their partners in pregnancy, labour and birth