Over the last 34 years (and before that as a student midwife!) I have had the opportunity and honour to stand beside many women and their birth partners, and be ‘with woman’, as they have laboured and birthed their babies.

I have never lost the wonder in the incredible miracle that it is to grow a whole, perfect, intricately complicated, beautiful human being and then for that baby to birth into the world through the power of the mother’s body, her baby taking their own unique journey into the world.

I remain incredibly humbled and in awe of women’s courage, strength, determination, patience and instincts. Also, to see how many birth partners tenderly attend to their loved one through contraction after contraction.

Last Wednesday I had the immense privilege of being a birth partner for my daughter, Victoria, along with my wonderful son-in-law, Ash. I have wondered over the years how I would cope with seeing either of my daughters in ‘pain’ when in labour, as I knew it would be so different from my role as a midwife.

I need not have worried – Victoria made it easy for us! Apart from a few brief wobbles, Victoria remained calm, using her breathing to navigate through each contraction, from the hours of early labour, all the way through to the birth.

I have learned so much from being there ‘on the other side’. I plan to share these insights, experiences and wisdom to help equip my expectant Little Seeds couples ahead.