Over the years I have stood back and quietly observed many parents as they meet their baby for the first time at birth.

For some it is ‘love at first sight’ – I guess a bit like how some felt when they first met their partner/wife/husband!

For others it takes time – as they get to know their baby the love and feelings of attachment grow.

New parents have so many pressures and expectations put upon them – both by others and themselves. They do not need the added pressure of worrying if they do not feel an instant gush of love and adoration, especially if their labour has been long and possibly difficult.

It is always worth talking with your GP or Health Visitor if the positive feelings for your baby don’t develop over time, as there could be underlying postnatal depression. However, for most new parents they will discover that as they care for and interact with their baby from ‘little seeds’ the love will grow and blossom.