Whether a new mother chooses to give a few breast feeds or continue to feed for months, starting and stopping should be her choice. It is really sad when lack of support means that the mother stops breastfeeding sooner than she planned or intended.
Where does that support come from? Health care professionals, family, friends and support groups. In fact research also highlights that the attitudes of her partner and mother are also key in breastfeeding ‘success’.
People around the mother can make subtle, but damaging and inaccurate comments to the breastfeeding mother, such as;
“You need to get baby into a feeding/sleeping routine”
“Is he feeding again? Maybe you don’t have enough milk?”
“Just give him one bottle of formula – he will sleep better”
Please take the time to watch this short video about why is is really important that we ALL support and encourage breastfeeding mums.
Breastfeeding is not easy, especially in the first couple of weeks or so. Things worthwhile are rarely easy. Yet there is much evidence to suggest a huge range of short, medium and long-term benefits for mothers who breastfeed and their babies.