When I say ‘Goodbye’ to expectant couples at the end of the fourth and final antenatal class there is a vibrant mixture between us all of excitement, hopes and maybe still a little nervous curiosity about the unknown that lies ahead.

As I share information, experiences and wisdom with couples I am sure they wonder at times about some of my suggestions – such as having a ‘mantra’ or positive words to think/say, or a ‘visualisation’ or picture in their mind.

I think it is helpful to remember that the birthing body is very different to the everyday body! It is sensible to absorb allthe information, and later cherry pick what works for you. You may be surprised by what thoughts and images come to mind as you navigate through labour and birth.

Last week I received the wonderful news of the birth of a baby daughter from one of our couples who attended November Little Seeds.

‘I have had an amazing labour because of your Little Seeds classes as I followed all your advice. I used the TENS machine for the whole time, and gas and air at the end. My waters broke at home at 00.50am, we got to the hospital at 2am, and at 6.25am Emily was born naturally. When I had contractions, I imagined I was building a rainbow. As I was breathing, I coloured each colour one by one, leaving the pink till last and baby Emily was born. Thank you so much Alison.’

Rudolf and Lucia

(Shared with consent)

So, keep an open mind and consider all possible ‘tools’ and strategies to support you as a couple through labour and birth.