Last night we had our third antenatal class of the current Little Seeds course. We are currently holding the classes in my conservatory, which allows social distancing, with a small group of expectant parents. It is working really well and everyone is pleased to have the opportunity of ‘face-to-face’ birth and parenthood preparation, rather than virtual.

Yesterday’s session was all about newborn feeding. I received a wonderful email this week from one of my July Little Seeds couples. They shared their calm, encouraging and positive birth story with us, which included the patience and support from the new daddy and the midwife in ensuring the first breastfeed took place in the hour following birth.

This has laid a great foundation for continuing success with breastfeeding, with their little one well over the birth weight by day 10.

Every droplet of breast milk really makes a positive difference to mummy’s and baby’s short, medium and long term health.