When I go to bed or wake in the night I am prone to ruminate on things which I feel aren’t going well or that have happened in the day and I perceive as negative.

When I am tired and weary things always seem much worse than they actually are! After time spent tossing, turning and chewing things over I awake in the morning and often find that the issue does not seem as bad. What a waste of energy and sleep it was worrying needlessly!

I think it is like flipping a coin; the same coin/circumstance, but looking at it from a different perspective, with fresh eyes.

I need to learn the valuable lesson to not make judgements and decisions when tired and weary; instead, to sleep on it and look anew the next day.

As parents fatigue impacts our emotions and feelings. Sometimes things can seem bad – worse than they actually are. Be kind to yourself, grab some rest when you can, and then reflect and re-set the ‘compass’ on what you are doing or saying once you are in a better view point.