I have always wanted to go to The Baby Show at one of the big exhibition centres in my capacity of an antenatal educator. I had a ticket for 2020, but obviously coronavirus put an end to that!

Last week I attended Olympia for the 2021 Baby Show and had a great day! It was lovely to wander around the various companies, big and small, and to see ‘what’s out there’ for expectant and new parents.

However, what I enjoyed the most was the 45-minute talks that were held throughout the day on various topics. I found the session on weaning and breastfeeding the most interesting.

As a Health care Professional, I have never ‘arrived’ – got to that point where I know it all – even after 33 years of being a midwife. There is always new research and evidence arising that challenges previous ways of doing things.

I learnt last week that babies can start weaning during the time window of 17 to 24 weeks, once they show interest in food and can hold their own head up. In fact, delaying weaning beyond six months of age can increase the chance of allergies developing.

The breastfeeding session with Clare had lots of very practical tips and ideas that were maybe ‘outside the box’ in terms of what we are taught as midwives. I had to smile at Clare’s ‘shape and shove’ technique! What is worth remembering is that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach – every parent and baby is unique and different.

Let’s also remind ourselves that parents and babies have evolution on their side – their bodies know what to do at the right time to facilitate survival! Gathering sound information is good, but also having trust in your parental instincts gives that balance and should lead to a sense of self-confidence, that helps minimise anxiety and boosts your enjoyment of your child.