Baby weigh-in sessions are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Oundle School Sports Centre

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Swedish & Pregnancy Massage

I am a fully trained and qualified therapist in both Swedish and pregnancy massage. I have converted a room at home to provide a calm, private, comfortable and well equipped environment to facilitate the benefits of massage. I also have an aromatherapy qualification that enables me to incorporate a range of appropriate essential oils and I will draw upon this knowledge within my therapy.

The benefits of massage therapy include;

  •  Promotes relaxation and reduces stress
  •  Releases muscular tension and stiffness in the upper back, shoulders, lower back and hips, easing the discomfort of sciatica and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction)
  •  Improves blood circulation and assists lymphatic drainage, therefore reducing oedema, which is common in pregnancy
  •  Decreases the heart rate and helps to lower the blood pressure as the body relaxes
  •  Helps to eliminate stagnant energy and toxins
  •  Stimulates the endocrine system, which helps to stabilise hormone levels
  •  Helps to develop flexibility and kinaesthetic awareness for the birthing process
  •  Reduces pain and boosts a sense of wellbeing through the release of oxytocin and endorphins
  •  Assists in improving the quality of sleep
  • I have purchased a special pregnancy cushion set which enables pregnant women to lie on their tummy for their back massage, as an alternative to lying on their side.

Cost for Treatments 

Full pregnancy massage (75 minutes) £50

Pregnancy Back Massage (30 minutes) £30


Full body Swedish Massage (75 minutes) £45

Back, neck and shoulder massage (30 minutes) £25


Tansor, Peterborough

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