I have just completed Mindful Mamma training and I am now able to confidently and knowledgeably include some amazing top tips and techniques into my Little Seeds Antenatal Classes.

I will also be offering a one day class for those who wish to explore further how the state of mind can effect your body and your baby during birth. Hypnobirthing relaxation techniques can reduce the time you are in labour, reduce the need for pain relief and create a more gentle birth for your baby.

The one day class will teach you:

  • To have confidence and feel in control
  • To release any fears you have about the birth
  • Hypnobirthing and relaxation techniques
  • The importance of the birth partner’s role

To book onto a Mindful Mamma Birth Class please go to their website or contact me directly.

One of the aspects that I love about Mindful Mamma is that it uses mindfulness in the preparation for labour and birth. I believe this is not just something useful for birth; it is a valuable life skill that is an asset for parenthood and to life in general. I recall my Dad giving me a gift as a teenager (this in itself was very unusual, as it was my Mum who did all the buying of presents) – it was a small plaque with the words “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses”. As a teenager I was prone to worrying and emerged myself in studying. My Dad’s gentle reminder was the importance of pausing and embracing the moment. So true and valid, whatever stage or season we are in.