It strikes me that we can sometimes be fooled into believing that our thoughts and feelings are genuine truth. However, a small, inaccurate thought or lie can grow and fester with harmful physical and emotional consequences. Sometimes, we need to pause, get perspective and take a fresh approach to a situation before we spiral in the wrong direction. It is like a stain on the carpet; ignore it and leave it, and it becomes stubborn to remove; attend to it immediately, remove the ‘stain’ and you can move on unhindered.

As a midwife I have observed numerous times in the birthing environment, and also beyond into parenthood, the power of our thoughts – both the negative ones and the positive ones. It is true – our thoughts and emotions can be our greatest friend or our worst enemy!

I used to be puzzled when I was a Community Midwife as to why the majority of our home births happened at night. In fact, even my own home birth of our son, William, started when our elder two children were in bed asleep, with William arriving just before 1am.

In order for labour to progress as our bodies are designed, with the complex interplay of hormones in balance, we need to dampen down our neocortex – the thinking, reasoning part of our brain. Hence, in the evening when we ‘switch off’ and relax, and later settle to sleep, our bodies often spur into action when the time for labour and birth is right!