Baby weigh-in sessions are held on the first Tuesday of each month at Oundle School Sports Centre

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Postnatal Care

Following the birth of your baby, either in hospital or at home, I offer postnatal midwifery care in your own home, at times to suit you. This can be as;

An entire package for all your postnatal care

  • The first visit would be on the day following your discharge from hospital, or if you have a home birth, the day following the birth of your baby
  • A home visit for the first three days
  • A home visit on Day 5 after the birth, when the national newborn blood spot takes place, which screens your baby for 9 rare, but important, conditions. Your baby is also weighed on day 5 to help check that feeding is going well
  • Further visits to suit your needs, up to a maximum of 8 in total over the 28 days following the birth of your baby. Usually the visits occur up to day 10-14 after the birth. Your baby will be weighed again at around day 10 to check that he/she is resuming their birth weight
  • Telephone contact between 9am and 9pm for advice and support
  • Breastfeeding support throughout the period of care
  • A postnatal check of mum and baby will be performed at each visit
  • Referral to the GP or hospital will occur if there are any concerns with mum or baby
  • Good hand hygiene is key in terms of infection prevention and I will need appropriate facilities for this during visits. Whilst coronavirus is a risk I will be wearing a disposable apron, gloves and mask for all home visits
  • Written records will be maintained and left in your possession
  • The cost for this service is £300, payable prior to the first visit. Please contact me via email at if you have any queries regarding the above or if you wish to book this service

An ad hoc postnatal visit

  • Home visit for postnatal care of mum and baby, including breastfeeding support and care of perineal/abdominal wounds
  • May be booked by contacting me by phone (mobile 07731992111) or via email at
  • Cost per home visit: £75

Breastfeeding support home visit

  • Help, support and advice with all aspects of breastfeeding, including help with positioning and attaching baby at the breast
  • May be booked by contacting me by phone (mobile 07731992111) or via email at
  • Cost per home visit: £75

Please note whilst I will always endeavour to visit at times that suit you, I also work a few shifts as a midwife at the hospital and there will also be occasions when I have important family commitments.