This afternoon I was invited to meet up with the September 2020 Little Seeds mummies and babies for tea and cake in the garden. I felt so blessed to be included and it was pure joy for me to see how far these mummies have come; from those early days adjusting to the changes and challenges as a parent for the first time, to a place of confidence. Their little ones are sitting, smiling, making attempts to move on their tummies, making cute noises and taking a real curiosity in each other and the world around them.

These mummies have not always found breastfeeding easy but they stuck with it and express how glad they feel that they did. I can’t help but feel a sense of love and pride to see them growing and blossoming as mothers.

I remember back to the time after our first child, Michael, was born. I was so lonely and bored and I really struggled. I realised that my ‘friends’ were in fact my work colleagues, who were still working! My family did not live close by and we would head there often at weekends for some reprieve and support with childcare.

A few months after the birth my Health Visitor put me in touch with three other mummies who lived locally and who had babies around the same age as Michael. We took it in turns to meet at each other’s houses once a week for tea, biscuits and a good chat. Our babies grew up to be toddler friends together and, as mums, our friendships became important too.

It is always my hope that Little Seeds Antenatal classes provides an opportunity to make connections with other parents going through similar phases and challenges, with whom you can laugh together, share a tear, encourage one another, listen, care and make a positive difference to each other for that season and maybe even beyond.