It recently came to light that I had been merrily writing a weekly blog on the Little Seeds website, with the hope of reaching more expectant couples through Google searches, only to discover that because I hadn’t been ticking a small box that says ‘Latest News From Little Seeds Antenatal’ none had in fact been published!!!!

It struck me afresh that little things often do make a big difference! In my experiences as a midwife I have seen this so, so many times. For example, you go to support a new mother struggling with breastfeeding and notice that the baby’s lower arm is raised up, coming between the baby and mummy. This means that the baby cannot get close enough to make a good latch at the breast. A very minor adjustment, bringing the baby’s lower arm down to ‘cuddle’ mummy and the latch is instantly improved.

One new mummy told me that by showing her how to breastfeed her baby in a side-lying position was a ‘game changer’ and enabled her to continue feeding her baby over the following months.

A few kind words, a smile, saying sorry or a simple ‘thank you’ – there are so many small things which have a big, positive impact. It is good to remember this as parents, grandparents, friends, neighbours…….. when the big picture seems daunting, start with the small steps because they really do make a difference as you head in the right direction.