It is very easy to think that the ‘voice’ we hear saying something to us, in our head and hearts, are words of truth. That small voice can grow out of all proportion and seem even more real, threatening to take away our perspective, rational thinking and our peace.

When I suffered with postnatal depression the thought that was often there was one telling me that I wasn’t a good enough mum, and that my child would be so much happier and do better with someone else. Those feelings were real and powerful, but were they truth? No. Why, because as a parent we have a huge capacity in-built capacity to love our children unconditionally, protect them and want the very best for them, even when we get it wrong.

I have been listening to some wise, inspiring podcasts recently on my lone dog walks. One of them talks of taking a fresh approach. There are some things that we cannot change, some things that take time to improve, people around us who have their own unique personality and challenges and whose lives are interwoven with ours. What is within our grasp is choosing a fresh perspective on a situation, a new approach – often resulting in very different, more positive emotions and actions.

Sometimes simply pausing and reflecting that just because we think something, be conscious that it is not necessarily true.