The past year has brought so many changes and things that we have lost out on! Personally, my daughter and her fiance’s wedding has been postponed twice, and yesterday my husband and I had flights booked to fly out to America for the arrival of our second grandchild, but have been sadly unable to go

There are situations in life that can’t be changed; what we are in control of is how we react and respond, and deciding to take a fresh approach.

This is often the case in pregnancy, labour and birth. For example, we can’t decide where the placenta implants; if it is anterior the movements are often first felt a little later in the pregnancy and they are not quite so acutely felt by the mother. My own personal opinion is that an anterior placenta can have a bearing on the room available to the baby in the womb and this can influence the position of the baby in labour. A pregnant lady has no control whatsoever on where the placenta imbeds and grows. However, she can be proactive at assisting her baby into the optimum position, alongside an understanding that certain movements and positions increase available space within the pelvis. A low lying placenta in the womb causes another set of issues, mainly the risk of bleeding. This is something which occasionally happens and again, we cannot change the situation.

Having a positive approach, acquiring knowledge, understanding and acceptance, and making the very best of the situation, I believe will bring about a positive experience.

Let’s not beat ourselves up about what we can’t control; instead, let’s pause and acknowledge the small blessings and joys around us that are there for the taking if we so choose.