I have fairly recently discovered the joy of audio books. One such book is ‘Be Where Your Feet Are’. I was captured by the title and, although the content has turned out to be not as good as expected, I have taken some insights of wisdom from it.

Mindfulness has an emphasis on choosing to be content and present in the moment, something I have not always found easy. Hence, bringing awareness of being ‘where our feet are’.

The other thing I have taken from the book is pausing and looking at W.M.I. – What Is Most Important?

I think many of us can relate to feeling overwhelmed by a host of thoughts and things to do in any given moment or day. Pausing and considering your WMI helps restore a sense of purpose, gives you an action plan as to what you need to focus on and can restore a feeling of calm and peace.

Parenthood brings so many things and people that seem to need our time, care and attention. Yet as a parent of little ones you have limited resources and energy! My suggestion is to consider your WMI as a way forward.